What They’re Saying

I have been in the sports medicine field for the last 25 years as a Primary Care Physician with a subspecialty in Sports Medicine, Board Certified in both. I have worked with the weekend warriors, high school athletes to professional athletes including the Milwaukee Brewers, Arizona Rattlers to now being the current Head Primary Care Physician for the Phoenix Suns. I have worked with the some of the best Physical Therapists in the country. I can honestly say Michael Nelson is among the elite in his field.
Dr. Tom F., Phoenix, AZ
After hurting my upper hamstring, I was advised by my doctor to see a physical therapist and suggested I take a break from training for a while to let my injury heal properly. I was assured that it will take about 4-5 months for my hamstring to fully heal. I went to see Michael and things were not looking good. However, I saw a noticeable difference from day one and after a couple more sessions I was back in the gym able to do 95% of my routine after 4-5 days!
Not only was Michael able to quickly come up with a treatment plan for my injury, but he also gave me exercises and stretches, and set me on a path for a speedy recovery. I can’t praise him enough! He worked carefully with me, helping me understand what was happening with my body, teaching me the hows and also the whys. I particularly appreciated that he would tell me about an exercise, do it with me, then correct my form and educated me on the benefits and importance of performing each exercise.
What made this experience different from my previous experiences with other physical therapists is that Michael was 100% involved in my recovery process. From making my appointment, to checking me in, to working with me for a full hour to then following up with me to check my progress. I was given his full and undivided attention and loved that I didn’t have to deal with several people and chaos that I experienced in the past in typical factory mill physical therapy settings. He is very hands on and knows what he is doing. Not to mention that he offers unique services like H wave therapy, DMS deep muscle stimulator and kinesiotaping. I prefer to stay injury free but should there be a need in the future I know who I would go to for all of my PT needs.
Diana M., Scottsdale, AZ
In May of 2013, I engaged Michael as a physical therapist but what I received in return was much greater than I had ever imagined!
I have been involved in athletics for most of my life and consequently have had numerous aches, pains, injuries and surgeries. My priority was to find someone to work with that had a real understanding of body mechanics and how to train without further injury. Mike’s physical therapy expertise was exactly what I needed and what separated him from others I had worked with previously.
After consistent physical therapy with Michael, we accomplished some very impressive results although we had to work around a number of prior injuries. Unfortunately, I could no longer put off a few surgeries that were the result of years of wear and tear. This is where Michael’s expertise really surfaced. He worked closely with my physician before and after multiple surgeries to make sure that I was getting the appropriate treatment. Michael was (and remains) an integral part of my medical team and was highly respected by all participants.
Most importantly, Michael has taught me how to avoid further injury while continuing to maintain my active lifestyle.
I continue to use Michael for occasional Physical Therapy “tune ups” and give him my highest endorsement and best wishes for continued success.
Thomas T., Scottsdale, AZ
I suffered an injury playing tennis in November 2014. My sports medicine doc recommended I see Michael Nelson at The Body Shop Physical Therapy. Michael performed a very thorough evaluation and diagnosed me with a partially torn calf. I spent three weeks with Michael rehabbing my injury. He has a great personality and really knows his stuff. I actually looked forward to going because Michael made physical therapy fun. I am like new again, and I am back to playing tennis five times a week. Thank you Michael! You are the best!
Bill S., Scottsdale, AZ
I went to see Michael for a neck injury and after 4 weeks of physical therapy I feel great. He is very knowledgable and dedicated to his patients and I certainly recommend him to others. I am a believer in his business model of 1 on 1 physical therapy. There is no doubt I recovered faster than traditional therapy I have had in the past because Michael spent more time with me each treatment session. This was by far the best experience I have ever had at a physical therapy clinic.
April S., Scottsdale, AZ
Michael was my physical therapist for about 6 months and It did not take long for him to completely transform my body. He kept me diligent and consistent in my exercises and my stretching. Thank you Michael! I have recommended you to many of my friends. YOU truly are the best there is!
Lisa H., Scottsdale, AZ
Michael Nelson is a great physical therapist! His knowledge of exercise and physical therapy allowed me to be confident in his rehab strategies. He offered great individual treatment plans for both my husband and myself with great results. He helped me achieve all my goals including keeping me healthy during five triathlons. I would highly recommend him as a physical therapist!
Karen & Mike W., Scottsdale, AZ
I recently had physical therapy at The Body Shop Physical Therapy for lingering knee pain that I have suffered from for the last year. After spending 10 treatment sessions with Michael, I am now pain free.
There are some things I really liked about Michael and the way he operates. He constantly challenged me and didn’t take any excuses, while being careful not to push me over the edge with the therapeutic exercise. I also was impressed with how he stays current with the newest advances in his field by educating himself on the latest research. Michael used some tools and treatments that I had not experienced before at other PT clinics.
He also took it beyond the hour of PT at his clinic. Whenever I had a question, he would personally contact me with a phone call. He really cares about his patients. It is apparent it isn’t just a job to Michael.
Heather M., Scottsdale, AZ
I was a patient at The Body Shop Physical Therapy following my surgery for two total knee replacements. I had great results: I regained full flexion and extension of my knees, and had excellent gains in my strength, flexibility, and overall health.

I am grateful to Michael for putting me on a path to a healthy lifestyle. I have continued to improve my health, mobility, and weight loss. Michael is professional, very supportive, and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend him as a physical therapist.

Heidi S., Scottsdale, AZ
For the past three years, I’ve ben lucky enough to have Michael Nelson as my physical therapist at The Body Shop Physical Therapy. As a “middle aged” woman, I’ve suddenly found myself to have aches and pains I never had experienced before! Michael has been a life saver for all my back and hip issues as well as a patient and concerned physical therapist. His knowledge of musculoskeletal physiology has been a plus in my rehab and general fitness ability. I would highly recommend him as a physical therapist!
Merle K., Scottsdale, AZ